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Here are a list of frequently asked questions. If you want to ask more questions then email the practice manager.

24hr mental health support

The Leicestershire Partnership Trust has launched a 24 hour dedicated phone line so people of any age can access urgent NHS mental health support directly. This is called the central access point (CAP) and the phone number is 0116 295 3060 or 0808 800 3302..

You can still call the practice and talk to one of our clinicians if you want.

Are you a carer?

Research suggests that 10% of the UK population are carers. A carer is a person of any age (including children) who provide unpaid support to a partner, relative, friend or neighbour who could not cope without their help.

If you are a carer or a patient  who receives care we need to identify you so that we can provide adequate support in your carer role. Please call the practice and talk to us

Carers UK charity has a good website for carers .

VASL Leicestershire are also a brilliant charity for carers

We have a social prescriber who specialises in supporting people who want support, please contact the practice for more information

Can I have a chaperone?

We recognise that coming to the doctor’s surgery can be a very threatening affair for a lot of people. Additionally the medical or nursing staff, as a part general health care or investigation of the cause of an illness, have to carry out intimate examinations.

If any examination is carried out by a member of staff (doctor or nurse) it is you right that:-

  • The procedure is fully explained and you are given an opportunity to ask questions.
  • You have the right to refuse any examination with which you are not comfortable.
  • You can ask for a chaperone to be with you during the examination. This is likely to be a member of the practice such as a nurse or receptionist.
  • If you wish, you can bring a chaperone with you such as a member of the family or friend.
  • Lastly, please don’t feel embarrassed about speaking up if you have a problem. We are here to help you.

Help I’ve got toothache

Doctors are not trained or equipped to deal with dental problems. Contact your local dentist or go to NHS choices to find your nearest dentist. Outside of office hours please contact NHS 111.

Help with Dementia

There is plenty of help for patients with dementia and their carers.

Here is a list. If you are not sure then feel free to ask any of the administrative staff or clinical team

Support for carers

Dementia groups in Leicester and Leicestershire

Useful contact numbers

Link to social services help

Finally the Alzheimer’s Society website has plenty of helpful information …Click here

Home blood pressure monitors

During these challenging times it is appropriate that we avoid patients attending the surgery for blood pressure tests. The good news is that home monitors have become very accurate and easy to use

Home monitors validated by British and Irish Hypertension society

There are many monitors which have been tested for accuracy and validated by the hypertension society . The ones below are easily obtainable in the UK when a web search was carried out in March 2020. There a lots of others on the website if you want to look at more choices. The author does not accept liability regarding the recommendations listed here or on the Bihsoc website.

A&D UA-705 Upper Arm
Andon iHealth Track KN-550BT (Derivative of Andon KD-5917) Upper Arm
Boots Upper Arm BPM 56-90-420 (HEM-7115-BS) (Derivative of Omron M3-I (HEM-7051-E)) Upper Arm
Boots Upper Arm BPM 56-90-447 (HEM-7101) (Derivative of Omron MX3 Plus (HEM-742-E)) Upper Arm
Honsun / Suresign LD 3 (Derivative of LD 578) Upper Arm
Omron ProLogic PL100 (HEM-7101-PR) (Derivative of Omron M2 Compact (HEM-7102-E)) Upper Arm
Omron M2 Basic (HEM-7116-E) (Derivative of M3-I (HEM-7051-E)) Upper Arm
Omron M2 Compact (HEM-7102-E) Upper Arm

There are more fancy machines over £50 which connect to mobile phones etc for £50-100. Our personal favourite would be the Omron machine: Omron M7 intelli IT for about £67. The next model down is M6 is great. We have a few of these available on a loan basis once a deposit has been paid if you don’t want to purchase.

Dr Masharani 31.3.2020

How do I claim for leave from work due to illness?

Employers can ask employees to fill in a form when they return to work to confirm they’ve been off sick for up to 7 days. This is called ‘self-certification’. Employers usually provide their own version of this form, but forms are available at the Surgery or can be downloaded from the website.

You will need to give your employer a doctor’s ‘fit note’ (previously called a ‘sick note’) if you are off sick for more than 7 days in a row (including non-working days). You will need to ring the surgery to make an appointment to see the Doctor for this.

Follow this link:

Is it Covid, flu or cold?

It can be difficult tell the difference between Covid, flu and a common cold . Whilst you cannot rely entirely on the table attached here it may help you decide.

If you feel very unwell there is no substitute to talking to a clinician either by telephoning the surgery or NHS 111 if the surgery is closed.

The NHS 111 website is also very helpful. Use their symptom checker tool >

Click here to download the table which compares covid flu and cold.

The table was published on the BBC website

Podiatry services

NHS podiatry service in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is changing. Patients will no longer have simple nail cutting services on the NHS.

Click here for further information

Want to be a doctor?

Message from Dr Masharani: From time to time we get enquiries from school students interested in a career in medicine so I have provided some of my thoughts here as well as some useful links

See the downloadable attachment below to view my notes about A Career in Medicine.


What is a medical exemption certificate?

Patients with certain medical conditions can get free NHS prescriptions if they hold a valid medical exemption certificate. Details of these conditions can be found at

To claim for medical exemption please ask at your pharmacy for an application form.

Follow this link for NHS Choices – help with prescriptions costs

What is Electronic Prescribing?

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the pharmacy you choose to get your medicines from. You will not have to visit the surgery to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy you choose. You will be able to choose any pharmacy close to where you live or work, reducing waiting times for your repeat prescription. Please ask your pharmacist or collect an application form from the surgery.

Where do I get help when the Practice is closed?

For urgent advice telephone the new NHS helpline by dialing 111

The nearest walk-in centre is at:

– Hospital of St Cross, Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5PX;  or

– Oadby Urgent Care Centre, 18 The Parade, Oadby LE2 5J

A pharmacist can also give you help advice and treatment. Click here to find your nearest pharmacy service

You can visit the NHS Choices website for finding any medical service near you.

Why does my own doctor not always come out for a home visit?

Home visits are restricted to patients who are housebound and too ill to come to the surgery. We do not visit patients who only have transport difficulties and request that patients call on friends and relatives to help in these situations. It is important that you call as early as possible in the morning if you require a home visit.

Currently East Leicestershire and Rutland ICB have commissioned a rapid response home visiting service to ensure that housebound patients are seen as quickly as possible. This will mean that it is unlikely that you will be seen by a doctor from the practice.  This is because the visit is likely to take place during times when your usual doctor is at the health centre seeing patients.

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